JTT 1 - "Jacob Two-Two vs. the Hooded Fang"

Jacob is fed up with sharing a room with his brother Noah - he wants his own room! Dad says he can have the attic if he can spend an entire night up there. Unfortunately, while watching wrestling on TV Jacob gets freaked out by the bad-guy wrestler the Hooded Fang and is too frightened to stay in the attic all night. When his Dad takes them to a wrestling match the next evening and Jacob finds himself face to face with the hulking Hooded Fang, he learns a valuable lesson about overcoming his fears. Back at home he is now able to brave an entire night in the attic ... which makes it his new room!

JTT 2 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Staff Room of Doom"

It's his first day at a brand new school and Jacob wants to look cool so he borrows his brother Daniel's favourite skull T-shirt to wear. What he doesn't realize is that skull shirts are against the school rules, and before he knows what's happening Principal Greedyguts has confiscated the shirt and locked it away in the school vault. Jacob's got to get that shirt back! Aided by an odd kid named Buford and a daredevil skateboarder named Renee, Jacob dares to enter the forbidden Staff Room of Doom! Together they face Greedyguts' Indiana Jones-style booby traps and make a daring escape. Jacob gets the T-shirt back and makes two new best friends in the process!

JTT 3 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Purloined Hockey Card"

When Jacob receives a Gummer Gormley hockey card from his Dad he decides that this is just the lucky charm his hapless hockey team needs to end its record-breaking losing streak. With the card in hand all goes well and the team is finally winning some games... until perfectly loathsome Leo Louse steals the card from Jacob's locker. Jake and Buford visit the aged Gummer Gormley to ask for another card but he turns them down, reminding them that skill wins games, not luck. Back at the arena Jacob pulls himself together and leads the team to a win, proving the old hockey legend's words to be true.

JTT 4 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Conniving Caterer"

In a cost-cutting move Principal Greedyguts has replaced the school lunchlady with Leo Louse the janitor. Faced with dishwater lemonade, sawdust soup, and other revolting concoctions, Jacob decides something must be done. With the help of Buford and his new next door neighbour Mr. Dinglebat (an international spy), Jacob discovers Leo's secret dungeon kitchen and reveals the truth about the lunches to their parents. Greedyguts is forced to rehire Bella Bountiful, lunchlady extraordinaire, and Leo Louse is sent back to his lowly janitor's closet.

JTT 5 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Daily Crown"

A new newspaper becomes an overnight success in Montreal, but Jacob is suspicious. The paper is poorly written gibberish, and yet all the grownups in town are subscribing to it and spending all their money on the useless products advertised in it. Jacob and Buford become paperboys to infiltrate the Daily Crown headquarters, coming face to face with its eccentric founder, Carl Fester King. Learning that the paper's ink does indeed contain a "brainwashing" chemical, Jacob uses King's own newspaper to reveal his con game to the entire city.

JTT 6 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Mystery of the Malty McGuffin"

Jacob becomes obsessed with solving the real-life mystery in his Malty McGuffin book; the mystery is supposed to lead to a real secret treasure. The only problem is that he is being followed by library ninjas intent on getting the book back. Jacob, Buford and Renee use their combined brainpower to decode the clues, solve the riddles, and find the location of the secret treasure... only to be scooped at the last minute by I.M. Greedyguts! Will the library ninjas turn the tables on their principal? Will Jacob return his library book on time?

JTT 7 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Unlickable Cowlick"

It's school photo day and Jacob wakes up with the nastiest cowlick you've ever seen. Principal Greedyguts has promised dire punishments to those who don't look absolutely perfect for the photos, so Jacob has got to tame his hair, and quick! When tape and glue doesn't do the trick, Jacob and Buford turn to a gooey concoction of hair products…Which turns the whole mess green! The barber can't help him, neither can the hair stylist, but Renee the chemistry whiz thinks she can undo the damage…

JTT 8 - "Jacob Two-Two and Scholars for Dollars"

Jacob is tired of failing sour Pickle's daily country capitals quiz, so he does a little detective work and figures out her system for picking which countries to ask. As a result, he aces the quiz and becomes a hero to the entire student body. It all backfires, however, when he is chosen to be the geography expert on the school's "Scholars for Dollars" team. He's only got one night to memorize all the countries and capitals before the big competition!

JTT 9 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Colossal Candy Challenge"

The school superintendent has shut down the school's decrepit gymnasium, and the only way to get it reopened is to sell a record number of candy bars in the school fundraising drive. Jacob spearheads the effort, encouraging his fellow students to get out there and sell, sell, sell! When he hits the street however, Jacob finds out that it's not so easy selling to complete strangers. Especially when your last house is the haunted abode of a notorious mad scientist!

JTT 10 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Unlickable Cowlick"

Jacob's grandpa is coming to visit and that means it's time for one of Dad's special Sunday brunches. Jacob is entrusted with the all-important trip downtown to fetch the bagels. He takes this responsibility very seriously, but as soon as he leaves the house everything starts going wrong. Eluding bullies, dodging vicious dogs, braving sudden snowstorms, and outwitting Principal Greedyguts…will Jacob come out on top and deliver the bagels in time for brunch?

JTT 11 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Big Bagel Bungle"

With the help of Intrepid the hamster, Jacob uncovers a plot by a group of little old ladies to cover Montreal in a gigantic tea cosy. They've been stealing all the wool they can get their hands on for their secret project, including the bunny sweater Jacob's Grandmother has knit for him. Jacob foils their scheme and rescues the embarrassing sweater before it gets unraveled.

JTT 12 - "JacobTwo-Two and the Ghost"

Jacob discovers he has a ghostly roommate named Claude LaToque, a former coureur de bois. A friendship quickly develops, but soon Jacob learns Claude is hiding a shameful secret about his past, which he doesn't want Jacob to know, lest their friendship come to an end. As he tries to learn the truth, Jacob finds himself transported back in time, to a lonely trading post on the night that the terrible event took place. Jacob's trust in Claude is not misplaced, and as he learns what really happened that fateful night, he also redeems the tarnished reputation of his ghostly friend.

JTT 13 - "Jacob Two-Two and the Mouldy Menace"

The school science fair is fast approaching and Jacob still hasn't come up with a project. To make matters worse Mom and Dad have gone away on a trip and the dreaded Auntie Good-For-You is babysitting Jacob and his siblings. Auntie won't let them do anything that isn't good for them, which means no fun allowed! When Jacob accidentally grows a huge, weird fungus in his closet (with the aid of Auntie's green health shake) he figures his science project worries are over! If only he can keep it hidden from Auntie and prevent it form eating everything in the house as it grows, and grows, and grows…

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